33047 Remanzacco (UD) - ITALY
Strada di Oselin 16/17
Phone 0039 0432 648511
Fax 0039 0432 667101
e-mail: info@atomat.com

Piracicaba ­ San Paolo ­ BRAZIL
Phone 55 (19) 34 32 58 00
Fax 55 (19) 34 33 10 72
e-mail: vendas@atomat.com.br
website: http://www.atomat.com.br

33035 Martignacco (UD) - ITALY
Via Pace, 9 (entrata via manciatelli, 13)
20020 Magnago (MI)
e-mail: giana@gianaspa.it
website: http://www.gianaspa.com
Pol. Ind. Veigadaña
Rua Anel do Perral nr. 31
36415 MOS (Pontevedra)
e-mail: reting@reting.com
website: http://www.reting.com
Gregorciceva 6


Labor omnia vicit
Improbus et duris urgens in rebus egestas.

(Virgilio, Georgica vv.145-6)


In our vision, the way to success is to work hard for innovations and accept the challenges of a demanding market. The success of our advanced products and the satisfaction of our customers confirm us in our vision and give always fresh motivation for higher goals.



  • 1968 Atomat is founded as high precision tooling manufacturer
  • 1976 Atomat produces the first ROLL GRINDING machine with numeric control
  • 1979 First fully automatic NC roll grinding machine
  • 1983 First CNC notch grinding machine
  • 1986 Establishment of Multicarb  Carbide sintering plant
  • 1989 Establishment  of Multicarb Grinding
  • 1990 Establishment of Reting - Spain
  • 1994 Establishment of Atomat Kobarid - Slovenia
  • 1994 Re design of CNC machinery with Siemens controls and teleservice assistance
  • 1998 First CNC turning lathe dedicated to rolling cylinders
  • 2000 First Integrated Marking Device
  • 2001 First Automatic Centering Device
  • 2001 New Rollwork software for CNC machines
  • 2002 Revolutionary Ring digital motor for combined lathes
  • 2003 Establishment of Atomat Services – Brazil
  • 2004 First Automatic Mesasuring device for automatic rib depth check
  • 2005 New plant for Atomat Kobarid – Slovenia
  • 2006 Additional plant for Atomat SpA- Italy
  • 2007 New self cleaning system for Atomat Grinders
  • 2008 Inauguration of the third plant for Atomat SpA dedicated to tool production
  • 2008 New AT710 EN CNC combined grinding, notching and marking machine. A new technological benchmark for this kind of machines
  • 2009 Building up of the 4th ATOMAT plant dedicated to the production of lathes for heavy sections
  • 2010 New AT811 E CNC Notching and marking machine dedicated to the carbide rings
  • 2010 Inauguration of the new full automatic store dedicated exclusively to the spares and service for machines in operation.
  • 2012 New AT711 E CNC grinding machine with automatic wheel changing: the first machine in the world with this technology for this application
  • 2013 Giana SpA, one of the most renowned producer of special lathes, enter in the Atomat Group


Atomat Group operates in long product and tube rolling mill fields since 1968. In particular it produces:

Today the group includes 6 companies in different countries:  Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Brazil.

The main company of the group is ATOMAT SPA. – Remanzacco – Italy. The company includes four plants:

  • One dedicated to the roll production
  • One dedicated to CNC machine production
  • One dedicated to large lathes production
  • One dedicated to the tool production

Today ATOMAT designs and manufactures CNC machines and relevant software dedicated to rolling mill roll maintenance shops.
All Atomat machines in all countries are assisted by remote teleservice and, when requested, by interventions at customer’s site. Atomat produces also the tools for its machine. The superior performance of Atomat Tools is the result of long experience and continuous testing.
For roll production Atomat can provide design  and manufacturing of steel and tungsten carbide rolls  for several applications: welded tube, steel hot and cold rolling, copper and aluminium rolling, rolls for heating elements and guide rollers.
Quality is granted by the control of each single step in the roll production thanks also to the group synergy.

Carbides used for the roll production are sintered by a company of the Group:  Multicarb Srl – Martignacco - Italy that produces rolls and wear resistance inserts in Tungsten and Titanium carbides by Vacuum or  HIP  sintering.

ATOMAT Services Ind. Ltda. – Piracicaba - Brazile
Production of rolls for tubes and wire mesh and full regrinding service  for every roll applications.

   Giana Spa, located in Milan - Italy
worldwide leader in the production of CNC machines like turning, drilling and boring machines.

Reting SL,  located in Vigo – Spain
specialised in roll production and regrinding service for wire mesh rolls.

Atomat Kobarid D.O.O. is located in Kobarid - Slovenia and is specialised in the production of rolls for wire mesh and guide rollers for high speed wire