Trade Fairs for Rolls and CMC Lathes Divisions in September

📣 What’s new?

September will be a busy month for both Wire Rolls and CMC Lathes Divisions!
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📆 From 18th to 23rd September, ATOMAT SpA and GIANA SPA_Torni Made in Italy, Italian Lathes will be at EMO Hannover 2023!
📌 Hall 16 – Booth B20

📆 From 20th to 22nd September, you will find ATOMAT SpA Wire Rolls Division at wire & Tube and GIFA METEC Southeast Asia 2023, in Bangkok (Thailand)!
📌 Hall 104 – Booth F17

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Great Experience @ Metec 2023!

👏 Great experience at Metec 2023, in Dusseldorf (Germany).

We had busy days at our stand, proudly welcoming many visitors from all over the world.

We thank customers, future customers and collaborators for their enthusiasm and initiative! We’ll do our best to meet your expectations!

See you in 2027!


New logistic hub!

Improving our offer and attention to our customers also means investing in our internal organization.
For this reason we are glad to announce that the new Atomat logistics hub is fully operational!

The double advantage of the transformation of the AT2 plant is the combination of following activities:

↩ preparation and dispatch of all products to our customers
↪ receipt of purchased equipment and distribution to production dept.

Have a look at some pictures here: Logistic hub

Remote Assistance

While purchasing ATOMAT SpA machines, remote assistance is one of the most important values you are investing in. we know that every machines is an essential part for your workflow and that’s why you need to be sure that you can receive a fast and effective support for any unforeseen issue.

Over the years we have structured remote assistance following these 5 points that allow us to get closer to our customers, even from a distance.

1️⃣ Immediacy
Feedback will be received within a working day. In addition, ATOMAT remote assistance starts immediately after the request for support, without having to wait for professionals or materials to proceed.

2️⃣ Flexibilty
A wide range of software and hardware interventions is granted. Remote support takes places at times and duration necessary to solve the problem.

3️⃣ Commitment
The assistance, if activated, starts from the first supply and could last for the entire life of the machine, beyond its warranty term.

4️⃣ Collaboration
Thanks to our extensive supplier network, we can operate on obsolete machines and disused components, extending their service life.

5️⃣ Communication
We give you the possibility to choose the most suitable solution for your resources, by informing you constantly about the price/performance ratio of every option.

Energy Independence

2022 will be remembered as a key moment of energy consumption awareness for individuals and companies, which start to feel the real impact that energy autosufficiency has on the environment and global economy.

In a perspective of revision and improvement of company resources, ATOMAT SpA has completed the installation of a 380 KW photovoltaic park that will power 70% of the roller division production from November 2022.

This 2022 is ending with a huge increase in orders. In this context, energy independence is not only a goal to be achieved, but also an added value that Atomat will be proud to share with employees, customers and suppliers.

New installation @ ABS QWR

ATOMAT SpA has been awarded again by the innovative Acciaierie Bertoli Safau SpA QWR with the supply of a new AT711E CNC Grinding Machine.
At the startup of the most technologically advanced wirerod mill in the world, Atomat was chosen by Gruppo Danieli for the supply of an AT830E 4 Guides Heavy Duty Turning Lathe and a first AT711E CNC Grinding Machine.

The recent installation of another AT711E strengthens our successful partnership!

This new equipment joins over 900 machines currently in operation in the rollshops of the most important rolling mills worldwide.

📣 Watch how it works at: