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Atomat S.p.A. is an Italian Company founded in 1968 in Remanzacco (Udine) where the headquarter is currently located and where production capacity and worldwide reputation are constantly improved.

The Company is a worldwide leader in rolls and CNC machines (lathes, grinders and notching machines).

Atomat S.p.A. provides customers with the best solutions for their project needs, efficiency and accuracy together with outstanding professional service assistance.

The Company is committed to serving customers in more than 60 countries with the support of a proactive sales network and a group of people involved in the same result: achieving and increasing the best possible company performance.

Atomat S.p.A includes several plants dedicated to rolls, machines and tools production. 

Atomat S.p.A. designs and manufactures rolls in steel and tungsten carbide for a wide range of applications with comprehensive know-how and a really high-quality standard. Cutting edge equipment, highly qualified personnel, consolidated collaborations with the most important European steel suppliers, along with flexibility and hard work allowed Atomat S.p.A. to be recognized as one of the most prominent companies in  rolls production. 

By decades of experience in machine engineering Atomat S.p.A achieved a comprehensive Know-How in design and manufacture CNC machines and relevant software dedicated to rolling mill roll maintenance shops. 

Since the end of the 90s, Atomat has found in Giana SpA, the perfect partner to complete its range of machines. Giana SpA was founded in 1958 by the Giana brothers. It has been one of the most prestigious Italian brands representing Italian excellence in the production of lathes and contributing to the success and the great reputation that Italian machine tools have earned worldwide.

After 20 years of close and profitable collaboration in 2018 Atomat has acquired the prestigious Giana brand.

Read more about Giana, a brand of Atomat.

Atomat S.p.A. – A Group of Companies:

The independent companies of the Group offer customized solutions:

Multicarb Srl is located in Martignacco (UD) – ITALY and produces rolls and wear resistance inserts in Tungsten and Titanium carbides by Vacuum or HIP sintering.

ATOMAT Kobarid D.O.O. is located in Kobarid – Slovenia, and specialized in the production of rolls for wire mesh and guide rollers for high speed wire.

Reting SL, is  located in Vigo – Spain, and specialized in roll regrinding service for wire mesh rolls.

ATOMAT Services Ind. Ltda. – Piracicaba – Brazil offers a full service on every roll applications:

tubes, steel hot rolls, wire mesh and more.

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