The array of Atomat’s CNC machine tools includes the renowned equipment for long product rollshops as well as the prestigious lathes of Giana brand

CNCRollTool Serv

CNC Notching & Marking Machines

Atomat’s Notching and marking machines (AT820E, AT820HD, AT811E CNC) are the worldwide most renowned machines for indenting of notches and marks on Tungsten Carbide rolling rings, Cast Iron and special steel cylinders for rebar production.

CNC Lathes

The lathes offered by Atomat include the renowned Atomat’s machines for the rolling mill shops as well as the excellence of the Giana brand lathes wherever a strong, accurate fast and “full Italian” lathe is requested.

CNC Grinding Machines

Atomat grinding machines are specially designed for the demand of the roll shops of the modern rolling mills. The various models covers all the rolling needs, from the carbide guide rollers to finishing block rings to composite cylinders.