ATOMAT S.p.A. believes the unique business model benefits the company operationally, financially and through the responsible use of our resources, in all market environments. The corporate business model is based on sustainable growth, transparency, the development of talent and diversity and the protection and social development of the areas.

The innovative approach is one of the core focuses and strengths which the Company utilizes not only throughout the existing and future businesses, but also as the company thinks about employees, partners, communities and environmental impact. ATOMAT S.p.A. is committed to operating in a sustainable manner by continuing to identify areas for improvement and, where appropriate, implementing action plans to accomplish those improvements in the day-to-day business. This inaugural report presents an opportunity for communicating the ongoing sustainability efforts.

The Company will continue evaluating company-wide progress, including elevating the goals to achieve further improvements in the sustainable business model. The Sustainability Report is composed of 4 parts dedicated to:



Caring for the future