ATOMAT S.p.A., founded in 1968 in Remanzacco (Udine - Italy), was born as a company specializing in the production of tools in steel, Tungsten carbide hard metal processing under contract in the metal industry.


The rolls production initially focused on the local and Italian market, gets quickly expanded into foreign markets in the ‘70s.


In the ‘80s, the strengthening of production capacity has been constantly pursued thanks to the building of a new production plant and the foundation of a subsidiary dedicated to the production of Tungsten carbide. These are really important years for the beginning of the design and manufacture of CNC machines and relevant software dedicated to rolling mill roll maintenance shops.


In the ‘90s Atomat S.p.A. consolidates its strong presence in new international markets with investments in foreign companies destined for the production and sale of its products. These are the key years of the design and manufacture of the new generation CNC machines: new grinding and notching machines that thanks to their advanced technical characteristics and responses are able to satisfy the global market and become a point of reference in this specific business. In these same years Atomat S.p.A. has acquired the prestigious Giana brand, which has always represented an Italian excellence in lathes manufacturing and which has contributed to the success and reputation that Italian machine tools have earned around the world


In the first decade of the 2000s, the development of the market for these machines and the growing demand for tools, led Atomat S.p.A. to create a new division specifically dedicated to the production of tools. At the same time, Atomat S.p.A. made great technology investments in both the sectors of production: CNC and rolls and moved the entire production in the new site’s production in Remanzacco (Udine).


The ATOMAT Group currently includes five companies in four different countries around the world, assisting and training customers in about 65 countries wherever its machines are installed.

Atomat S.p.A designs and supplies CNC machineries, rolls and rolling-mill rolls for many different sectors including :
• steel industry;
• contractions ;
• automotive industry;
• production of household appliances.

Today Atomat S.p.A. stands out and is worldwide appreciated for:
• Cutting-edge products thanks to the constant research and development activities
• Proactive and inherent versatility sales organization
• High -quality production and forefront in terms of technological content