ATOMAT S.p.A. services are renowned for reliability and efficiency. With a team of qualified and well-trained field service technicians ATOMAT S.p.A. provides support for its customers all over the world.

ATOMAT S.p.A. Service includes many purposes:


Atomat S.p.A technicians train customer’s staff when taking the firsts steps. Engineers and specialized technicians are fully prepared to grant constant support providing aids, user manuals, and other useful documentation and to clearly and effectively reply to customers doubts or inquiries. The smart training mode also allows to manage the training course remotely, making it flexible to the needs of the person concerned.

Remote Assistance

Atomat S.p.A. provides fast remote support by phone, TeamViewer, chat, 3D support, reducing costs and improving the efficiency and accuracy of operations. With remote assistance it is possible to resolve operational errors, diagnose mechanical, hardware and software problems. It is also possible to update the software/interface version orinstall new programs or features.

On-Site Service

Atomat S.p.A. grants a prompt at site intervention through a team of exports always available for worldwide and prompt interventions. On-site upgrades are essential to improve productivity and efficiency according to each customer’s needs. Atomat S.p.A. is autonomous in management of logistics and obtaining visas and permits if required.

Maintenance Service & Preventive Maintenance

Atomat S.p.A. grants an efficient Preventive Periodical Maintenance service, periodically check-up of customer’s machine, with preventive scheduled maintenance of some components. The Atomat technician also carries out mechanical and electronic diagnostics and selects any required spare parts, which are quoted as soon as the intervention report is drawn up.

Stock of Tools & Spare Parts

ATOMAT S.p.A. grants a prompt stock of spares for our CNC machines. Time is crucial, and the Company can supply of spare parts very rapidly, in order to avoid blocking the machine and slowing down business productivity.

Machine Revamping & Retrofitting

ATOMAT S.p.A. is able to offer solutions for the temporary maintenance of the machinery as well as radical reconditioning of the machinery, with the most up-to-date control version and with the complete overhaul of the mechanics.

Service Contract

Atomat S.p.A supply time, effort and expertise to help customers develop a plan tailored to their production and business requirements. The Service Contract is modular and flexible; we anticipate any eventual problem and assure responsiveness for maximum assistance support. The services offered are strategically designed to add value to the customer’s machines and systems over the years and to maintain a relationship of trust and collaboration.